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Infant + Child Studies Lab Logo Design

The directors of Infant and Child Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas contracted me to design a logo for their psychology lab. Because they work with small children and parents, the logo needed to be warm, inviting, inclusive of a myriad of family types, and professional while simultaneously avoiding clichés. Their biggest obstacle is the combination of two research labs into one main operation.

After our intake meeting where we discussed each person's ideas and preferences, I went straight to my sketchbook. With some initial ideas worked out, I created a word list that led me to my online research. Once I had gathered all my resources, I again turned to my sketch book in order to flesh out the best ideas before taking them to the computer.

We went through several iterations of each logo concept and ultimately ended up with something everyone loved. It also easily lends itself to both vertical and horizontal formats. We used warm colors, round humanoid shapes, and two typefaces, Museo Sans and Aleo, to help capture the sense of an open, friendly, but very professional lab environment.

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